5 Beauty Tips Daily Skin Care Routine

5 Beauty Tips Daily Skin Care Routine

A balanced lifestyle for healthy skin

Teenage is a new phase for your skin! Metabolism, hormones, and your lifestyle play an important part in good skin tone! Yes, they do! NIKS International Salon, the Best Salon in Pune brings you these 5 beauty tips that should be your mantra to healthy skin!

Tips from the Best Salon in Pune

  • Stay hydrated

For a good skin tone, hydration is very essential. Pollution and a hectic college schedule play havoc on your skin! Drinking water, fluids, etc will help nurture your skin and keep it hydrated. This in turn helps skin stay supple yet firm and toned! So next time mummy, daadi, didi tell you to drink water- yep, they care for your skin… so drink up!

  • Avoid excessive junk food

Oozing pores and pimples… are not good news are they! The good news is you can help minimize these troublesome growths very easily! Keep junk food intake to the minimum! Your skin is hungry for nutrients, but if you intake oily junk food, your skin has no protection to excrete this. And this shows up on your face.. ugh!

  • Tone and moisturize

Your daily post bath routine absolutely must include- cleanse, tone and moisturize! After a bath the pores of your skin open up as you scrub all the dirt and dust off during your bath. This is the best time for your skin to get the nourishment it needs! So before you pick up your makeup kit to get ready for the day- give your skin the care it needs!

  • Sun block

Sun block is useful to avoid unnecessary harmful UV rays which lead to tanned skin. This is a must product to apply, especially if you live in a busy / highly populated area. Check the SPF factor of the product before purchasing!

  • Use the appropriate products for your skin

You must have heard of different types of skin and the skin care products that are tailored for these skin types. It is essential to select appropriate products so that you do not damage your delicate skin in any way! For example, products that have tea tree are specifically formulated for oily and combination skin. This product will not be suitable for a skin type that is dry.

So now that you know the basic beauty tips for your skin, visit NIKS International Salon for an initial pampering session! Our world class trained beauticians will guide you on the best available international brands that suit your skin type!

We have 3 branches at Pune- Aundh, Wakad and FC road and you can book an appointment at your convenient time online with us today!

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