Beauty salon services in Pune

Embrace your shine at Niks salon

Visit Niks salon for your beauty care

Cuts & Styles

  • Wear your hair, rinsed & shaped up,
    Giving a look that sizzles and sizes them up!

Color & Trends

  • Color& Streaks, fashion & trends,
    Wear your attitude, show your friends!”

Hair Care & Spa

  • Relaxation is even your hair’s right,
    Care & Spa makes it such a good sight

Technical Services

  • All technical demands of your hair,
    Our techno matrix treats it fair & square!

Face Care

  • Clean from within makes your face glow,
    Clear from within makes your energy flow!

Face Nourishment

  • Nourish your face to add glory of health,
    Pampering yourself from within, shows real wealth!

Bleach & Polish

  • Getting rid of the residues of sun’s glare,
    Radiance with every blush is just fair!


  • Pulling the thread or melting wax, in your case,
    The quest is to rediscover your ever radiant face!

Hand & Feet

  • It takes your zeal to get them moving,
    It’s our care, that gets them grooving!


  • This, That, Another; Net, Phone, Fax,
    Do less, lower the pace, just relax!

Body Wax

  • Clear and soft with every touch,
    Adorable you are, lovable so much!